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Welcome to LamQuan.com

We are the first of a kind website to offer personalized Feng Shui calendar by Master Lam Quan. Sign up now and your life will be profitably changed! Once you get this calendar, you will have total possession of your time.

Being in the right place at the right time is essential for having ALL your desires fulfilled. Everyone has heard the expressions: "Time is of the Essence" and "Time is Money" but did you know that Feng Shui has the ability to manipulate time? Imagine if you had the power in your hands to use Time to give you an Advantageous Edge in your personal and business life. Think of all the benefits of knowing the right time to: ask for that promotion, close the deal, increase sales, begin a relationship, engage in an important discussion, increase wealth, build a dream home, purchase a car - the possibilities are endless.

The word Feng Shui literally translates to mean "Wind and Water" but the true significance is of "Time and Place." Feng Shui is a tool everyone can use, regardless of heritage and religion, to maximize the gains and minimize the losses in every day life. There are many books and websites out there that focus on the placement of objects and while this is an important aspect of Feng Shui it is not the whole picture. Only here at LamQuan.com will you learn about the second part of Feng Shui - the manipulation of Time. You must possess knowledge of both "Time and Place" in order to make Feng Shui truly work for YOU. Think of it as two halves of a pie - both must exist for the pie to be whole.

In ancient times, a Feng Shui Master would work closely with only one family. Typically this family was a royal family whose actions and decisions affected everyone in the kingdom. For instance, a Feng Shui Master may give advice about the right "Time and Place" for war, marriage, burial, and kingdom expansion. This advice, which was once exclusive to only those of royal heritage, can now be yours.

To truly be successful, it is important to position yourself and know when to execute key decisions. Have you ever heard or said: "I was there at the right time and place"? This does not have to be blind luck - we have the knowledge to tell you exactly which days, months, and even years are auspicious for YOU. Everyone has certain times they are being helped or hindered. Wouldn't you like to know in advance when to:

Here at LamQuan.com we will provide you with a personal Feng Shui calendar tailored specifically to you. This personal Feng Shui calendar will provide you with both "good" and "bad" days, weeks and, months. During "good" times you should schedule to take more risks - fortune is working with you. During "bad" times you should schedule to decrease risks - fortune is working against you. Our goal here is to help you maximize the gain and minimize the loss!

The personalized calendar can come in daily accuracy or hourly accuracy.

Just imagine the possibilities if you had the capacity to control time and make it advantageous to your needs. You have nothing to lose! Give it a try and let Time start working and winning for you!